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Keyboard Accessibility from Lauke

Patrick Lauke’s keyboard accessibility presentation at Future of Web Design Tour 2009 in Glasgow. September 14. Keyboard accessibility – basic steps towards a more usable and accessible site. Keyboard Access for Google Map

  • If you style :hover, also :focus and :active.
  • Don’t suppress outline completely (reintroduce :focus and suppress :active).
  • Leave tabindex alone – source order.
  • JavaScript on hover (mouseover/mouseout) also on focus/blur (if focusable element).
  • Lightboxes have issues.
  • Only attach behaviour to focusable elements.

Keyboard-accessible Google Maps

Enhanced Keyboard-accessible Google Maps

expert google keyboard text

Keyboard Access for Google Maps

Google Maps is awesome, but it is not keyboard accessible. Patrick H. Lauke provides a solution by retrofitting keyboard access into google maps. Brilliant article. (Obviously JavaScript is still required.)

Also, Google Maps provides a text-only option, which is nice for those using assistive devices, mobile devices, low or costly bandwidth, etc.