Canceled Accessibility Event

Very disappointing news today. The AccessU West conference by Knowbility scheduled for January 10-12 in San Jose, California, has been officially cancelled due to low registration numbers.

The AccessU training conference in Austin, Texas, May 17-19, 2011, will be held as usual. This event is the original from Knowbility and continues to be very successful. You can also follow Knowbility on Twitter.

Still, it’s so saddening that a web accessibility event with major speakers (such as Derek Featherstone and yours truly) has such little interest. Especially in Silicon Valley. Here are some reasons I suspect. Can you think of any other?

  1. Accessibility is not “cool” in Bay area where other exciting web technology is created.
  2. Bad timing; beginning of year may be not ideal for people’s personal schedules and business’ budgets.
  3. Competition – too many other great webinars, conferences, and meetups to choose from.


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