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Accessibility audit vs. accessibility testing

In the article Accessibility audit vs. accessibility testing, Webcredible discusses the definition and differences between the accessibility audit, accessibility testing, and automated tools, and when it’s appropriate to use each evaluation type.


Why Web Accessibility Makes Sense

Another great article from “Why Web Accessibility Makes Sense” explains the why’s of web accessibility. Reasons cited for accessible web sites include:

  • takes advantage of web standards
  • uses lighter code and less bandwidth
  • it’s the law (or will be)
  • more aging users
  • better for search engines
  • it’s the right thing to do
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Alternative Mouse

Part of web accessibility is ensuring that any input device can be used to navigate through a web site. In the article, “I Saw a Mouse! Where?“, Mel Pedley discusses this issue and describes several alternatives to the “normal” computer mouse including:

  • Assistive Mouse Adaptor
  • Ballpoint Mouse
  • Air Mouse
  • Head Mounted Pointer
  • Touchpad
  • Touchscreen
  • Mouse Keys
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Practical, Entry-Level Web Accessibility

Practical, Entry-Level Web Accessibility from Mike Cherim at Beast-Blog is a good article on the basics of web accessibility. Topics include:

  • Proper Element Use
  • Laying Out Your Page
  • Apply Links the Right Way
  • Alt and Title Attributes
  • Content Visibility

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101 Practical Website Accessibility Tips

Here’s a great article from Accessibility 101 that provides 101 tips for developing an accessible web site. Many are basic, but many are not as well known. Anyone can learn a little something from this list.

101 Practical Website Accessibility Tips for dummies